Boston Link: Providing an in-house marketing team confidence, through a data-led digital audit

October 16, 2020

Boston Link are recruitment experts with offices in Malta, Isle of Man and The United Kingdom. As they are starting to shift more focus to the UK market, they felt unsure on the direction they were moving towards and wanted to know what more they could be doing. For this reason, I proposed a digital audit. The purpose of the audit was to give me an insight into their online presence and their competitor landscape. With access to their data, I could see who they are targeting and whether it was the correct audience.

To ensure I met my client's goals the resulting report was structured to show what they should start doing, continue doing and suggestions on what they could improve.

The result of the audit also highlighted their need for:

  • A personalised SEO guide based on their current web structure.
  • An evaluation of their users' journey, providing them with useful data and insights for their planned website redesign.
  • An evaluation of their social media strategy, and recommendations on how to further reach their two very distinct audiences — businesses and talent. Bringing attention to one of their social media channels, as they were investing too much time into it and receiving low return.

This was a great first step to help the marketing team move forward and ensure that they are staying ahead of their competition.

As the audit has just been completed, there is no data yet showcasing results of these recommendations. This case study will be updated once enough data is collected.

Kind words from the client

Ninia provided great value through the audit of the digital marketing for our business in Malta and UK. As a marketeer who is a fan of strategic methodologies, it was a great experience to be part of a strategy and now implementation of a results-driven project.
Charlotte Seymour | Head of Marketing
Boston Link