Harviist: Go-To-Market Strategy, to launch referral marketing business in the UK

October 14, 2020

Harviist's goal was to launch their business outside of Malta, with the chosen new market being London. To achieve this goal, they were looking for a consultant to help build a go-to-market strategy that is designed for them.

Data guided strategy for client's piece of mind

To be able to design a go-to-market strategy, I recommended to start off with a digital audit so the strategy would based on data and not assumptions. This was to ensure that I provided an effective data-led strategy.  This digital audit also helped to highlight the gaps in the market and build Harviist's positioning and audience personas. Together we worked on a media budget that would be sufficient to reach to their goals, based off their audience size and strategy. Without this, the client would not be able to understand if their forecasted goals were achievable.

Giving their in-house marketing team the tools to keep building on the strategy

For this strategy to be great, a detailed media plan was also designed, with the intention of Haviist's in-house marketing team to implement, keeping their available resources in mind. For this reason I also provided recommendations for their campaign landing pages, along with tracking and creative best practices to ensure that the team had all the resources and know how to bring the campaign to life.

With the strategy only just been designed, it is too early to see the impact. This case study will be updated once the data is available.

Kind words from the client