Saz Mifsud: Website optimisation and digital strategy to enter the London market

February 11, 2021

The Brief

Saz Mifsud is a well-known high-end fashion brand who creates digitally printed silk products — from ties and bags, to the perfect scarf for every season. She wanted to run a brand awareness and lead generation campaign in London during the run-up to Christmas 2020.

The Solution

A digital audit was first carried out to understand the London market, competition and her audience based on data and analytics to help us identify audience personas. These were used to help us reach her audience on a more personal level while delivering the right messages, offers, and products. An analysis of her website was also carried out to ensure it portrays trust, as well as an easy flowing consumer journey from brand awareness stage to retention.

A digital go-to Market digital strategy was designed and implemented across Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. We tested a small budget due to the current market volatility, using data-feed catalogue ads, keeping our strategy cost-effective and smart.


Over 6,000 people have browsed their collection, which we drove to purchase. This resulted in a good number of add to carts and purchases. This shows the potential to scale this campaign in 2021.

Kind words from the client

Ninia was a pleasure to work with. Her social media expertise and professionalism were just what we needed to prepare our brand for its introduction into a new market. Ninia first looked deep within our brand to fully understand what we had been doing, which strategies had been successful for us and what we hoped our international campaign would achieve. Ensuring she really understood the brand, she could then create a tailor-made strategy which was data-driven. Ninia's process was organised, meticulous and well planned every step of the way, making sure we got the most out of our campaign.
Saz Mifsud